Thursday, May 7, 2015

When your Aurifil breaks!!!

Today as I was Free Motion Quilting my quilt, my thread kept breaking.

Yes I was using the best thread that the sewing industry had to offer. But it just kept on breaking!!!

My first thought was it was because of my quilt. I was using a canvas painted with acrylic paints as the quilt top!

I quilted on a regular sandwich and it still broke!

Now I was a little irritated.

I tried using a different thread!

Same result! It just kept breaking!

Now I was about to come home and write to Alex about it. And thats when I saw it!!!

I was threading the machine wrong! It was actually passing through the cutter near the bobbin winder!!!

Yes, I have been using this machine for an year now!
Yes, I did use it earlier this week when I finished my other projects!!
Yes, I did not realize till half an hour later!!!

Once i had rectified my mistake the quilt came along super fast!!!

So when your Aurifil breaks, go check everything else!!! Because more often than not, you are messing up something else!!!

Will I leave you without a photo of what I made?

I finished not one, two but THREE quilts today. Granted they are all minis... But it was a lot of quilting!

First is the one I made on canvas!
I'm calling it Manhattan by Night!!!

The second one, is made based on a technique I learned at a workshop by Jutta Hellback at the Bernina Creative Center in Mumbai a few weeks back.
I'm calling it "Sea Foam"

I am planning to change the binding though!!!

And the third is a OMG quilt. I joined a new facebook group a few days back. OMG stands for Organic Modern Graphic!
I'm calling it "It took ten" because it took that many days to understand the concept. That many ideas to finalize the design. And that many minutes to actually make it!!!

Do you like them all???

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Free Motion Quilting Love!!!

I love FMQ as much as I love my family! That goes on to say a lot about me and my dual love :)
I have recently grown to love Matchstick Quilting. I just adore the way it changes the texture of fabric and adds  character to the quilt top, a character quite distinct from what it was before. It renders the quilt a personality of its own.
Some of the recent ones are here!

Matchstick Quilting is all about straight lines very close to each other, usually parallel and along the warp/weft. However, you can try it along the bias as well and if you are careful about the fabric not getting stretched, this should work well. However, I'd suggest you to be careful if you are sewing on the bias, I usually sew along the grain of the fabric, either the warp or the weft.

On my Bernina 710, (I lovingly call him Ross), my BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) is a constant companion in my quilting endeavors also because matchstick quilting, with it, is just a breeze and the stitch regulator gives it the much needed form and structure.Its like, after QuiltCon, with so much of inspiration, I cannot stop myself from making more and more quilts this way!

As you are aware by now, I promised to write more frequently under the 52 Prompts to blog every week. You can find the link here Come join me and together we can have some quilty fun!!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

My favourite Tutorial

So I am getting my sewing mojo back and happy to return to the schedule of blogging. I wrote about the 52 Prompts to blog about in 2015 to ensure I am more regular at blogging and not just quilting my heart out.

You guys must get an opportunity to read about my quilting journey and how I learn and grow through the year. April is all about ' Tutorials' !!

You can see the original schedule here.

The tute I would like to highlight is my i-pad tutorial from 7th of July 2014. It has been a hugely popular post and is completely in sync with the new digital age where everybody owns one(well! everybody who is digital savvy and on the move owns one :) ) So its very apt with the times.

Let me know if you make one from the tutorial.
If you want to join for the 52 week blog post, drop me an email - on my new email address info[at]13woodhouseroad[dot]com or leave me a comment below with your contact details  and I will reach out to you!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Workshop announcement

Its a pleasure to announce details of my upcoming workshop. This will be the first workshop post my Austin trip and I want my fellow quilters to partake my enthusiasm and learn from my Quiltcon trip.
Venue: 1075/5, Agarwal Residence, Gokhale Cross Road, Near Om Super Market, Model Colony, Pune 411016
Dates; 25th  and 26th April'15
Time; 0900 hrs to 18:00 hrs
The workshop is in two independent parts and you can choose to attend either one or both of them as per your need and convenience.
Day1(25th April): Improvised Modern Quilts

On this day you will learn the liberating technique of making stunning modern quilts without measuring when you cut. This method frees your mind and let's your creativity guide you. Everyone uses the same fabric but the results are dramatically different. 
At the end of the day you will complete a mini-quilt or a table runner TOP.

Day2:(26th April): Fun with Free Motion Quilting
On this day, I will teach you how to plan and execute stunning FMQ designs. I will teach you how to compose designs that complement the quilt design. I will teach you how to quilt so that you decide what you want to focus on rather than just doing a single extensive FMQ design.
At the end of the day you will learn 8 basic FMQ designs that you will apply when designing the quilting of your quilt top.

Hoping I will see you at one of the workshops!
Drop me a line for details!


Saturday, March 14, 2015

QuiltCon : Part 2 : Volunteering

If you haven't heard about it, I went to QuiltCon this year. It was surreal!

I have been a member of the Modern Quilt Guild in one way or the other right since I started quilting. The MQG has always given me a direction, first through online inspiration and assistance and now through QuiltCon. I do dream of playing a larger role in the MQG someday. But meanwhile, I decided the best way to 'be involved' was to apply to be a super volunteer for Quiltcon. And I'm so happy that I made that decision!

I reached Austin at about 2 am. I was supposed to reach at midnight, but my flight from New York was delayed. My first volunteer shift started at 8 am! Was I tired? Not at all!!!

I helped prep the lecture halls for a while before being sent to the exhibition hall along with the fabulous Kathy York (Her quilt iQuilt) won the "Best of Show). I had been in touch with her before - when I made my 3D quilt. She is a warm and a generous person. I loved the fact that everyone greeted me with a lovely warm hug!!!

I kept going for 8 hours volunteering because of the wonderful people around me and the adrenalin of being a part of this show!!!

The awesome Colleen - the lady in pink hair lying at the bottom of the stairs was the one who decided how the volunteering schedule worked! She was SUPER! Always smiling - I totally admire her strength. It was not a joke to try and make everyone work and feel like they are being given a gift! 

I also got a pat in the back from Jacquie! She is an unbelievable lady! She is the Chairman of the Modern Quilt Guild, but yet she was so accessible! She recognized me by my name when she met me! I love her!!! I got to learn so much from her. Throughout QuiltCon, there was not a moment when I saw her stressed. I know it is a HUGE task to organize a show of this volume, but this lady is a pro! Hats off to her!!!

I got to assist two workshops - the perks of being a Super Volunteer! First was Cristy Fincher. Her class was about Quilting with straight lines. And I got to learn a lot of things. Especially how to bury threads - even when they're super short!

The other class I assisted was Yoshiko Jinzenji's!!! It was amazing. The lady is an enigma! I loved her work since a very long time. But the way she played with material - ranging from sheer organzas to silks and upholstery fabrics - it was crazy awesome! She taught me to be fearless in my approach!!!

Will I go to QuiltCon again? Of course Yes. But I'll request MQG to have it at a time other than February. I cannot afford to miss my son's birthday AND my anniversary every time.

Will I volunteer at Quiltcon again? Definitely!!! It was a huge part of my experience. Everyone at MQG made me feel at home. I was not homesick for even one moment! I enjoyed being a part of the show! I am proud of being a part of Quiltcon!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Quiltcon Part 1 : Roomies!!!

I went to QuiltCon this year!
It was a dream come true for me. I had been planning on doing this since Quiltcon2013.
I managed to save enough money to make it a reality this year!!!

It was an awesome experience!!!

I traveled 9500 miles to reach Austin, but it was totally worth it!

I will need much more than one post to write about all that. But in this post, I will write about the wonderful women that I shared my room with!

Here are my room mates for QuiltCon.

From left to right : Laura (she won the people's choice award for her awesome quilt), Emily (since we had 2 Emilies in the room I called her EmB), Elaine, Me and Emily (This one was EmL)

We stayed at the Marriott! It was a beautiful room on the 10th floor with a wonderful view of Downtown Austin.

Meeting Emily (EmL) was the highlight of this trip EmL and me have known each other since 2010 and we really became friends in 2011 after I made this Doll Quilt for her in a Swap.

We have been talking (aka chatting on FB) with each other so many times. When she went to Austin in 2013 and had a lot of fun, I was so jealous! It was then that we decided that we will be roomies for Quiltcon 2015!!!

EmL's and mine is a friendship I cannot describe! Meeting her in flesh was so awesome!

We talked a lot (as much as I could stay awake to do) into the night. We got Tattoos together. Not same ones (But I'm sure she's going to get one to match mine - she was so in love with it)

Mine is the "expecto patronum' one.

She did hers first. I was super nervous. When I asked her if it pained a lot. she said - Not a lot. A little. But when I started getting mine done it pained. A LOT!!! I was actually glaring at her!!!

We spent a lot of time giggling about it!!!

When it was time for good byes, we did share a lot of tears. I remember people giving us sympathy smiles or avoiding looking at us while we stood outside a classroom that I was volunteering in and hugged and cried!

I loved all my roomies! I had heard about them through Emily. We started chatting on FB as a group and if one of us missed a (long) conversation, they had to go back and scroll through eternity to get to the top!

We also had our own roomie swap!

I made all the girls mini quilts. Here they are.

This one is Emily B's

 This one was for Elaine. I wasn't a huge fan of the colours, but this was definitely the one most difficult to part with!

 This one was for Laura. It even had her blue glasses!

Lastly, this one was for EmB. It was the most difficult to make. I dont know why. But it was also the fastest to come together!

I had a blast at Quiltcon because I had such wonderful girls to come back 'home' to! Thank you ladies, for making my stay awesome and for making me not feel homesick.

More about my trip in the next post. Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sew Mama Sew! Giveaway Day!!!

Hi all!
Its that day of the year! Yes! The BIG Giveaway Day at Sew Mama Sew.
And I am participating.

I will be giving away ONE copy of my eBook

ABOUT face : Portrait Quilts using the Reverse Applique Technique

To enter you just have to go to Facebook and 'like' my page!
13 Woodhouse Road on Facebook
Thats it! Like it and leave a comment that you've done that!

If you already 'like' me, leave a comment telling me so!

I will draw a winner on December 12, 2014 at midnight PST!!!