Wednesday, May 25, 2016

52 prompts to blog every week: Week 21

We're coming to the end of the Travel theme in the 52 prompts series!!!

And today, we are going to talk about "Dream Vacation"

Whats the first thing that comes to your mind when you say dream vacation?

Well, my dream vacation will be with Rohit! I have always dreamt to go to Greece with him!

Ever since I did a presentation in college (Greek psyche and public architecture) I have longed to go to Greece!!!

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I want to visit all the historical Architectural monuments!!! I know I will hold my breath as I see them!

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I dream of spending days relaxing and laying in the sun, soaking up the beauty around!!!

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I would like to spend long hours walking along the sea, on the golden sand. Drinking wine and eating the most wonderful food!!!

More than anything, spending time with each other, quiet time!!!

Thats my dream vacation!!!

Whats yours?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

52 prompts to blog every week: Week 20

Continuing with our travel theme in our 52 prompts series, we will be talking about carrying your quilty stuff with you while travelling today!

Download the complete PDF list here.

So do you carry your quilting with you when you travel?

I do two types of trips during the year - Family & Quilting. Normally I do not mix the two! Except when we went on a road trip Sangli-Pune-Mumbai-Alibag-Mahabaleshwar-Sangli and picked up my Bernina 710 while in Mumbai!

Or maybe when I visited Classic Quilts and Quilting when we holidayed in Dubai!

But overall, I do not mix the two.

So when I travel with family, I rarely carry any quilty stuff. Maybe a book that is a recent purchase, a couple of Podcasts on my iPhone and my notebook and sketch pens!

But I go allout when I travel to quilt!

I use my Maruti Suzuki A Star - a small hatch back car. I think I would be a very good example of the car's capacity! I manage to pack it so full that the passengers only have the minimum space they require to sit!

My sewing machines travel on the back seat - seatbelted in! Dont worry, I put a lot of quilts around them to make them fit snugly after I clicked the snap!

The back seat is usually overflowing with quilty stuff!!!

So what do you carry on your trips? Do you take along some hand quilting to do? Or you prefer to leave it in your sewing room?

Do drop a comment and let us know!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

52 prompts to blog every week: Week 19

Its the 52 prompts series, this moth we are talking about taking trips and vacations and today we're going to talk about trip essentials!

 Here's a link to the complete 52 prompts that you can download.

What are the things that you absolutely NEVER go on a trip without???

Clothes, of course! But do you know, my little brother and litteler sister-in-law actually went on a trip without those? How did they do that? Let me tell ya!

They were going to spend a long weekend at a beach. The bags were packed the night before and ready. The next morning both of them got into the car thinking the other person must have got the bags into the car! They only realized their mistake when they reached the quaint little village on the beach and started to unload the boot of the car (which was empty!) They had to buy EVERYTHING to wear!!!

So yes, I do not forget my clothes. Toothbrush is another story! I think I have one toothbrush from every place I have gone to!

The ONLY thing I dont go ANYWHERE without is my phone! It is like an extension of my arm! And I need to have it on me ALL THE TIME! Apart from that there are a few things I need to carry with me.

1. The first thing I pack is my notebook and tonnes of pens. I have a lot of pens. In almost every colour that they are made. I need to carry at least 5 different colours when I travel. Also a cute little diary!

2. I do not travel without my sunglasses. I need them all the time!

3. I also do not forget to carry lots of plastic bags! We make a lot of mess in the car, and carrying these bags lets us confine all the mess so that we can clean the car easily.

4. Irrespective of the destination I always pack - my moisturizer and sun screen! My skin gets tanned easily and I do not like it. It is a very thin line between tanning and burning and I'm always scared my skin is going to cross it. I still remember that after spending a day in Water Kingdom at Mumbai, all three of us were about 7-8 shades darker on the areas that were not covered by the swim suits!

5. I also use my lovely new purse organizer to hold all my stuff. I carry multiple handbags (I actually did not have a store-bought purse till recently.) So I just have to transfer my purse organizer into the new bag I decide to carry and I'm done! I have this orange one that I bought before my USA trip last year and I love it!

Those are my trip essentials!!!

What is it that you do not leave without?

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

52 prompts to blog every week: Week 18

Its May!!! By the end of this month we will be halfway through our 52 prompts. Here's a link to the complete 52 prompts that you can download.

Today we are going to talk about our favorite holiday destinations!!!

Can you guess my favorite holiday destination???

The sun...
The sand...
The beaches...


Yup, Goa is my favorite holiday destination!

My first visit to Goa was when I was pregnant and we realized we will not be able to holiday alone for many years to come! I was not a fan of sea food then, and so was not very enthusiastic about the trip. But at the first meal I fell in love with the King Fish and Prawns!!!

Every year after that, we have visited and enjoyed Goa together! Its a place that all three of us, Rohit, Aadi and me, love!!!

The trips are a lot of fun!!! When we go with Aadi, we do visit a few places where he can have fun. Like the Science Center or the Aeronautical Museum or the Butterfly Garden.

Normally we spend a lot of time in the day roaming around the northern part of Goa - Calangute and Baga are our favorites. Not to forget a trip to Panjim for some delicious lunch!!!

When we go without Aadi, the places we visit are usually different! Goa is the most fun place for a couple to spend time!!!

If i say lets not go to Goa this year, I'm sure i'm going to be greeted with faces like this!!!

I'm looking forward to a trip at the end of Summer! Before Aadi starts his school.

What is your favorite holiday destination? Do tell us about it!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I'm speaking at QuiltCon!!!

I have some news! And the most exciting news of all!!!

I will be speaking at QuiltCon 2017!!!

I'm speaking at QuiltCon 2017 photo speaking_at_quiltcon_2017_zpsh00b4pz9.png

I'm over the moon about my lecture!

And I simply love my topic : "Quilting in India : A review of Siddi Quilts, Godharis and Contemporary Quilt Making"

For the past few weeks, I have been keeping my eyes and ears open and looking out for some excellent examples of quilts to bring to you.

Right now I am focusing on Godharis of Maharashtra.

The regional differences in the method of construction vary so much! It is really a whole new exciting world!

I had always wanted to study the beautiful art pieces that come out of these humble settlements.

The people who live in these temporary accommodations are the "Nandi-baili" people. they are a nomadic tribe. they have a bull that they decorate and take it around town, people then ask them about astrology - basically they predict people's futures. They come back home with whatever donations people give them. That is their source of income.

The womenfolk make quilts from old clothes, their own or sometimes they buy clothes from the old clothes market.

Here are some of the quilts that I saw. The work was absolutely mind blowing!!!

They have used every material available right from Georgette, chiffon, Silk to Cotton and Linen.

Here is a quilt that is work in progress.

This wonderful quilter even demonstrated her style to us.

The designs were spectacular!

The workmanship was impeccable.

There was so much to learn from these women. They have limited means and they create absolute master pieces.

Now next time when my Rotary cutter blade dulls a little and I find myself cursing, I will think about these women who do not even use scissors! They use a razor blade to snip and then tear the fabric!!!

Are you ready to see more and hear more???

Sign up for the lecture at Quiltcon 2017!!!

You're not a member of the Modern Quilt Guild yet?

Go join!!!

52 prompts to blog every week: Week 17

I am a self taught quilter. There are techniques that I have learnt myself, ones I have learnt from the net, ones learnt from others at quilt meets and Quiltcon, some I have dreamt about and then a few more...

Of all of them, I love the technique I use in my book,'About face' the most. Its a kind of reverse applique, but then, not quite so!

I used it for the first time in my Harry Potter quilt.

I have made portraits with it and written a book and taught classes, both online and in person.

The first portrait I made using the technique was that of Steve Jobs. I made the iQuilt for my little brother. 

And then I also made this portrait of Alex Veronelli of Aurifil Threads! He was brave enough to be the subject for my eBook. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Quiltcon and handing over the quilt I made for him!

I have been taking classes to teach this technique, both online and in person. My students have come up with brilliant works of art!!!

And I'm really proud of them.

Here are my students at the Bernina Creative Center, Mumbai.

So this is that one technique I love and cherish the most.

Here's a small tutorial.

Supplies : Fabric - minimum 2 of the same size, thread (that matches either of the fabrics), a pair of SHARP scissors (I love my stork scissors for this one), seam ripper, temporary fabric marker.

1. Draw the design onto the topmost fabric. I suggest you take the lightest fabric on the top.

Now using the thread, I use Aurifil monofilament thread, and your FMQ foot, stitch through all the layers of fabric. Use a small stitch length. On my BSR I use a stitch length of 1 - 1.5.

Now use your seam ripper and/or your sharp scissors to cut away the layer(s) according to your design. Take care to cut as close to the stitch line as possible.

I use the seam ripper for tinier areas that I need to cut away.

Here's the result :  On the top is my reverse applique piece and on the bottom is the original print.

If you want to know more about creating portraits using this technique, I would highly recommend my own book (how modest!).

You can buy it here at Fat Quarter Shop

Which is your favorite technique? Do share about it so that we can all get to know it!