Finally a photo filled post!!!

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Warning : Picture heavy post ahead

Finally, here’s a photo filled post. Not only did dear hubby buy me a cell phone yesterday, he even lent me his wonderful camera to get a few snaps around the house!!! Isn’t that great???

So first, here’s my brand new cell phone. A Micromax Q55 Bling… I know it’s not a great phone. But over the years of using high end mobile phones I have realized that I really do not need a phone with too many features… The only ones I used were – Calling, Messaging and Camera… I did not need GPRS (I have a broadband connection at home!) I rarely played games on my cell. And I don’t even know what other features my old cell phone had! So I settled on this beauty of a model. The first thing that appealed to me was that it was White!!! It’s a beautiful model. Smaller than my palm! And its perfect for any girl!

Here’s presenting my new cell phone…

I Also made a cover for it (since the phone itself is just 7 cm x 7 cm x 1.5 cm I needed a tiny piece of fabric) from some leftover fabric after cutting a quilt!)

Isn't it gorgeous???

The cover looks good too!

Now, other things... I told you that I had caught the hexie bug... Here's my lot... I found a box for them too. This box was lying in my kitchen since 1 year... I had bought it thinking I'll need it, but eventually didn't... ( I have a lot many things lying around like that)

Its perfect to hold my hexies and the supplies so that I can take the project along anywhere I want to...

And here are the beauties themselves... Aren't they cute? Most of these will be going onto quilts I'll be making for the Spread the Cheer Project... (I'mm really behind on that one and have to catch up soon... 4 quilt tops are ready, waiting to be sandwiched and quilted!)

This beautiful fabric was sent by Elizabeth (Oh Fransson) I fussy cut a few girls and deers to make hexies for a red quilt for Spread the Cheer!

Now, here's the quilt I won from Deb! Deb, your quilt is not going to make it to my sewing room wall. This little guy loves it and so now, it'll be on our bed!!!

I did something totally different this week. And I'm really proud about the way it turned out.... I made a cathedral window pillow cover!!!

This is the quilt that Elizabeth sent for Spread the Cheer... Its beautiful!!! No other words... Kiddo had already made me order some rocket fabric thats on the back of this quilt to make one for him.

Thats the equally beautiful back of the quilt... Look at the perfect corners! I'll die making those!!!

I spent a substantial amount of time, tidying up my scrap boxes... I used a 4" x 6" recipe card as a guide to fold the fabric after ironing... It helped me go from this...

To this... (thats just one drawer... I've got 5 more to fill!!!)

I used my 6" x 9" template to fold the yardage into such neat piles... I'm not done even halfway through my stash... But I'm going to do it till the end of the month...

More pictures will be coming soon... Dont forget to enter my giveaway here... Its open till sunday... I'm increasing the prize of the giveaway... I'm also including a surprise gift with the FQ set... Something that is solely Indian!!! (Hint - Its 6 yards long!)... So hurry up and enter... 

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