I have a mantle!

12:28 PM

Home Reveal # 1

I've always looked at mantles from around the homes of my fellow bloggers and always wished I had a fireplace, only to use the mantle for decorating!

When I was redoing my living-dining room, I had no idea I would have one! (What kind of a dumb architect am I?)

My initial plan was to paint something similar to this painting in between the H-shaped wall unit...

Is is a painting in Cafe Mondegar in Mumbai by one of my favorite painters - Mario Miranda.

But when the cabinet was ready. I did not want to go ahead with my initial plan.

Instead I used the horizontal unit as a mantle!

It really turned out better than I had visualized.

This is a complete view of my Dining area.

Just thought I'd mention... The dining table must be almost a 100 years old! It belonged to my MIL's father (handed down to him by his father) which she used as a desk. I loved it so much that I overlooked the fact that its height is not quite enough to use a dining table and still use it!
Looking at the snap, I feel I need a new table runner. Dont you agree?

And the Living area

Since we have a formal living room downstairs (in my in-law's house) which we use for formal guests, we only needed a place where friends could plonk! This was perfect!

See the pillows I made

and my gorgeous elephant!

Welcome home, friends!!!

P.S. More reveals to follow... :)


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