Help Needed

7:01 AM

Guys, I have taken an absolutely daring decision.

Yes, even more daring than SCUBA diving!

I am making the cake for DS's birthday later this month!

Now, he's a huge Nemo fan. He watches the movie at least 4 times a week (Thats how I can make 3 quilts a week). So he's told me he wants a Nemo Cake!


Something like this.

Gorgeous! Isn't it?

Now how do I make it?

I know I need to make fondant!

But all the fondant recipes that I have found require liquid glucose. And the only liquid glucose I can get here is the one IV kind! 

Is there any way I can still make it? If I mix butter with icing sugar and add some glycerin, will it work?

I'm so freaked out!

Does anyone know a good recipe for a fondant that does not have liquid glucose or corn syrup (I dont get that either).

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