I'm on Craftsvilla

6:56 AM

Remember that logo I showed you at the end of this post?

Well thats the logo of Craftsvilla.

In their own words,

"Craftsvilla is a place to “Discover India” with products from designers and artisans selected for you.We believe in empowering designers and artisans helping them to showcase their unique products to the world. Our vision is to create an Indian global brand allowing designers, artisans and small businesses to connect with customers and bring products that enhance one’s life. In a space which showcases true colors of Indian culture and are embraced by people of all ages, religion and regions. We ensure that best raw materials are used, minimal use of chemicals, preference of natural dyes and quality check each product multiple times. You are assured that great effort has been put forward by our team to make sure the products you receive meet your expectations.
We are also dedicated to support the social cause for the upliftment of artisans, craftsmen and craftswomen. We have started an “Artisan Fund” to take on this effort and joined hands for this cause with NGOs.
Customer delight is our motto. Please write to us directly if you have any feedback, questions, concerns or suggestions.
Yours Truly,Craftsvilla Customer Team"
Why am I telling you this? Because... I am their newest seller!!!


I have my own page!

I'm so excited about this!!!

So all those who have wanted to know how you can buy the stuff that I make, go ahead and buy it now!!!
More stuff will be coming soon enough!


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