Work in Progress

10:32 PM

I have been doing cutting almost all day today... And what do I have at the end of the day?

157 hexagons!
13 half-hexagons!!
50 corner pieces!!!

And yes, I do count the tally way! Its far easy to keep track...

All waiting to be made into a wonderful quilt...

Its my first attempt at Y seams...

I have done my homework and am ready to start piecing it on Monday!

Hoping it should be ready by next weekend. Its a large one this time! 75" x 82"

Do you like my plan?

Those yummy scraps make me think some more... There are quite a lot of equilateral triangles in there...

Any ideas?

There are some more quilts-in-waiting too!

Some yummy Ready, Set, Go! by Ann Kelle to make into a Mixtape Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman.

And a fabulous Pure Organic Kona Cotton solids Roll-up paired with some co-ordinating prints!

I was thinking of recreating the magic of this quilt with these! What do you say?

There'll soon be some awesome news here!!!

How many of you recognize this logo?

You don't? Well, you will, very soon. Trust me!!!

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