Advice Needed

5:48 PM

I have been MIA here...

But there have been several reasons... You'll know all of them in due course of time...

Right now, I need your advice, or rather, your opinion...

I have got an order of a commissioned quilt. The size is a HUGE 100" x 110". Not wanting to complicate things, I decided to KISS (keep is super simple). I decided to piece together 440 squares (22 rows of 20 squares each) of 5.5".

I have finally dug into my huge stash of modern FQs from the Urbanista bundle.

I had never known that it would actually be difficult to cut up fabric! (Shhh... I tried to use up my least favorite pieces, though... Dont tell my client...)

Now here's my dilemma.

How do I put them together? Do I sew together rows of 20 squares at a time and them sew those 22 rows together? Or do I sew them into pairs and sew pairs together to make 4 patch blocks which in turn, I'll sew together into 16 patch ones and so on?

I want my seams to match as neatly as possible. Which option would you recommend. Also consider the amount of work involved as there are 440 squares!

I am thinking of quilting them using this method by Elizabeth Hartman. I think the design would be perfect for using this quilting pattern!

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Thank you for your comments... I try to reply to all of them personally, but sometimes life is just too fast to do that... But I love hearing from you...

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