A happy mail day!!!

1:08 PM

Look what arrived yesterday!

4 books and some awesome fabric!!!


Not yet?

Here are the books

For inspiration to make something for the 3 awesome men in my life (DH, DS and DB)


for some clear and crisp inspiration...


some heart stopping, eyes widening inspiration!


to go back to the basics...

and these had arrived earlier...

for decorating my home...


some simplistic combinations of tradition + modernism!


to explore a whole new field!

And a lot of fabric...

To revisit the Gardens of India pattern!


and some little apples to play with!

and for these napkins

some newsprint...

 And some "wow" red chevron and assorted red flannels

to make this beauty...

Thats a handful of plans!

I have been busy... 

Aadi wanted to learn to sew and I taught him!

He put together 16 charm squares that I quilted for him and turned it into a pillow!

It was so wonderful watching him enjoy it!

Photos of the "Pillow of honor" coming soon!

I have also booked a stall at a craft fair for October and there are a thousand things on my list... Am on a finishing spree...

Will do a leisure post about all of it! It deserves a special post!
I've also started taking quilting lessons... Got my first 2 students! Will start their classes mid-July...

 Whats happening at your end?

I'd love to know about it...


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Thank you for your comments... I try to reply to all of them personally, but sometimes life is just too fast to do that... But I love hearing from you...

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