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7:02 PM

I have known Emily for almost my entire blogging & quilting life!

So it was quite a surprise to reach a tutorial on her blog while wandering on Pinterest!

But that was where I found it!

Easy Glasses Case Tutorial!

And Easy it is!

I made 10 of these! For the craft fair, of course!

They were super easy to make. Em, I think you should add the word "Super" to the title!

I think, right from pouring out my scrap bins (which were sorted according to color!) - No, I did not put them back in, they're still on my floor... - to clicking photos of the finished ones, it took me a full 2 hours to make 10!!! Yay!

Chain piecing rocks!

Here are my favorite ones! The yellow corduroy I ordered  from Wrapped in Fabric. She has them in unbelievable colors!

Others are random scraps from my bins...

I REALLY need to put my scraps back together, but I'm having the craft fair next weekend. I'm absolutely excited about that. I really want to make my stall look special. Any ideas?

Also, I am having a small sew-in at my place next week. A few IMQG members dropping by, staying over for some quilty fun! I'm so looking forward to that too!

To top it all, I'm kicking off the "Know thy Machine" Blog Hop next Friday! Stay tuned! Next week is going to rock! (P.S. There are prizes worth $450 to be won!!!)

What are your plans for the next week?

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