Know thy Machine : Post # 31 : Sonalee

8:00 AM

Our guest today is Sonalee from Creative Instincts...

A fellow IMQG member, I never realized how we became friends... 

She was one of the people who won sewing machines at the Husqvarna Viking meet! I'm looking forward to read what she has to say about her E10!

Hop over to her blog to read about her machine!

Todays Question : Why did Janice have to buy the Janome 1860?

1. Because it was her dream machine
2. Because the movers dropped her Singer and she had the insurance money to buy a new machine
3. Because she wanted to!

Leave a comment with the answer ON THIS POST.

Winner will be drawn on Monday 3rd December  2012 at 10.00 am IST.

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