The Portrait Quilt : Update

6:26 PM

My portrait quilt is on its way to finishing!

You cannot imaging how happy I am!

Here's how far I have come

And the BEST part! He resembles DH's great grandfather! PHEW! I was so scared it might not look like him... I was a nervous wreck, even putting aside the work for a while... Scared that it might look just totally different and I'll disappoint everyone, including myself!

But I am a happy girl now!

What next?

Tomorrow I plan to start quilting this one! I am planning to get a smaller sized photo copy of the picture and mark the quilting lines on it and use that as a reference...

I have one question though, I am planning to directly quilt it without sewing down the pieces individually... That means that I cannot pin baste it... So if I apply the Pellon to the background fabric and fuse it to the cotton batting will it work? I have never done this before... Do you guys think It will work? Or will it be too much of glue and cause problems when I quilt?

Hoping to see some answers by tomorrow morning...



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