Friendships across oceans!!!

1:41 PM

I received a wonderful parcel today...

From Emily!

Wondering what was there inside???

A WHOLE LOT of goodies!

The first is a wonderful Box pouch she made for me!!! It even has the tiniest pieced star that's her trademark!

And there's Mac&Cheese (that's due to our conversation about it when I told her that we don't get it here)... Some chocolate for Aadi (he let me keep it long enough for the photo and now its gone!)
 Fabric - Sketch & some chevrons and some awesome Echino!!! How much better can it get?
Lots of ribbon that she used to tie up everything!
Some erasable pens for Aadi (I doubt he's getting them though)
And lovely something that I have never seen before but I think its a trivet! I have already put it up in my sewing room on the wall! It has some wonderful quiltinspiration!

And to top it all there was this most AMAZING card! I LOVE it!

The idea is really simple but the effect is stunning!

Thank you Emily!

I too am lucky to have you as a friend!


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