My not-so-little one's Birthday!

6:12 AM

Its that time of the year! When my baking skills are put to test...

Last year I made the Nemo Cake for my little man on demand...

I had NEVER made fondant before, but I survived!

This years I have planned to KISS!

Remember my mantra for 2013 - SIMPLIFY!

The party is on Saturday! And here's what I plan to do this year!

Source : Pinterest

And the theme for the party will be Chocolate and Colors!

If you have any ideas about games/decor/favors, do leave a comment and tell me.

Any help will be appreciated!

So far I've come up with just one game idea - a Chocolate Relay - divide kids in groups and give a Dairy Milk bar to each group. Each person eats one piece and then passes the bar to the next person. The first group to finish the bar wins! (This sounds like a good game to have at the IMQG meet too!)


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