Sew Thinky Thursday : Week # 7

6:54 AM

Emily has a knack of bringing out the best (and in today's case the worst) in us.

Her question today for the Sew Thinky Thursday is

Bad sewing habits. Do you have them? Share with us, what are your worst habits when it comes to sewing?

Have you noticed I always manage to answer the STT Question on a Friday morning?

 My worst sewing habit... Do I have one? I doubt...

I have many... LOL!

1. I turn the iron on to press my seams and have left it on for quite some time (minutes, hours, days... you get the picture?) I recently damaged my iron because of this and had to buy a new one! So far (since 8 days out of which 5 I spent in bed with a Viral Infection) I have turned it off every time I left!

2. Like many others, I do not change my sewing needle as often as I should. How else can I justify using the same "stretch" needle for FMQ-ing for the past 6 months?

3. I do a lot of impulse shopping. I admit, I buy a lot of fabric because I like it and not targeted at some project. I do that probably because it takes a long time for fabric to reach here! But now I think I will first decide the projects and then do my shopping! That will hopefully make me more productive. $$ spent on fabric and Rupees earned from work should match - if nothing else! (Who cares about the exchange rate?)

There are many more, but I think 3 is a good number to stop at. Or else, all my newly gained fans are going to run away top speed!

What are your bad habits?

Let us share!!!

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