Sew Thinky Thursdays : Week # 6

6:10 AM

Another Thursday and its time to think with Emily!

Here's her question for today:

What is your favorite color of Kona Cotton*? How much of it do you keep in your stash? Is there a solid that you always find yourself running out of?

To be honest, my experience with Kona Solids is very limited!

I have used Bella Solids more (Thanks to the Bella Parade Season 1 & 2). Two Jelly Rolls (or Roll Ups as Robert Kauffman calls them) is all that I have of Kona Solids!

But I do have something else to share with you! 

We get some of the most awesomest solids in India! And all for 1-3 $ a yard!!!

This is what out fabric shops look like!

And yes, the place where I buy, the guy actually climbs onto tables to get me the fabric I need.

Here's my stash of solids...

And now sorted by color!

And here are my current favorite colors

Quantity-wise apart from the white - I have the green in maximum quantity (its is supposed to be the backing of a quilt!)

But I do tend to run out on this color a lot more often!

Can you believe
1. These are all BLACK
2. They all look the same to the naked eye!
3. I can NEVER find more than 1 yard when I NEED it
4. when I buy new one, it does not match!

Whats your solid story???

We'd like to hear it too!

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