I must be crazy...

8:59 PM

How else can I explain my current quilting spree???

I have been workign like crazy and have been on top of all my housework!!! I even had an "empty-laundry-basket" moment last week!!! Though it lasted a mere 18 minutes before somebody threw a towel into one of these...

So, the blogland is abundant with Lone star Quilts recently... First it was Elizabeth whose quilt inspired Allison to complete hers... I got lost wandering around the blogland and my fantasy flight through the Lonely galaxy landed me here! And I found what I needed...

An EASY way to do things!!!

And I started on my job...

I used the Silver Spoon Spot On FQ Bundle by Robert Kaufman that I had ordered from Fat Quarter Shop some time back (I guess about 6 months back!)

It looked PERFECT together!!!

And for the neutral - I had the perfect denim-y grey!!!

From my recent trip to Pune.

Here's what I bought on that trip...

Its about 30 yards of fabric... And what was the cost??? 35$!!!
It has 4 dishtowels and 11 twin (and slightly larger) sheets!!!

So, back to the point, see that denim-y grey solid there??? I used that as the neutral... By evening the quilt was basted, ready to be quilted. The binding was ready...

And my sewing room looked like a bomb had gone off!!!

Come morning and I managed to get everything in control... And finished the quilt by afternoon!!!

So here's my Lone Star Quilt!!!

I absolutely enjoyed making this one!!!

And the backing is so beautiful!!!! So is the binding, of course!!!

And here's how much thread I used to make it!!! I quilted it with Aurifil #4660 (12 wt) with #2425 (50 wt) in the bobbin!!! PERFECT for the color combination! I just loosened the top thread tension so that it sewed beautifully!!! I must mention here that the thread broke ONLY ONCE between (almost) 2 spools worth of quilting! See how little of the thread is on those spools!!!

Now the big question??? What next???

Well, for once I have a plan!!!

It involves this...

some this...

a lot of

and an

with a lot of sweetness and sewing!!!

Any guesses what I'm up to???

And what are you up to???

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