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Hi all!!!

To my new visitors who've come here from Sew We Quilt! A big welcome and thanks for visiting me!!!

To all my usual friends - welcome back!!!

Today, once again, I'm hopping on another blog hop!


With the lovely Madam Samm as the host and the wonderful Thearica as the cheerleader - this one's been a blast!!!

The idea was to create a stamp quilt! It should have an theme, your country and your currency!

I spent a lot of time agonizing over the theme... I had 2 options raring to go till Sunday morning...
But on Tuesday - I changed my plan!!! And I made this one!!!

I wanted my stamp to be something that connects my viewers to me.

This is the view from almost any of my windows currently.

India has three seasons unlike the normal two... We have a 4 month period of Monsoon - rainy season...

This is the time when everything is fresh!!!

The trees have fresh leaves...

So I decided to make something that will bring this view to you!!!

Here's some little details of the quilt...

You can see some words written on the leaves, can't you? Well here's the story behind them...  I realized that India has an appeal to all those who do not live here! And those who live here - well, they have a whole new view about it!!!
So I asked my Facebook friends to write the one word that comes to their mind when they hear "India".

I got an amazing array of answers!!!

I decided to incorporate these answers in my design... I put them on each of the leaves in the quilt before I put it together!!!

I used Aurifil #8880(wt 50) to quilt down the leaves, #2692 (Black wt 50) to quilt the branches and #2715 (wt 12 - just because I had that on hand!) for the sky!

Do you like my quilt?

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear "India"??? I'd love to hear your answers too!!!

Don't forget to visit the others hopping with me today!!!

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Say hello to them when you hop over there!!!


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