Bella Parade '13 : Post # 2

7:52 AM

Good morning and welcome back!!! Here's another colorful day ahead!!!

Do you want to know what was yesterday's Color?

Well, it was Acid Green

Did you get it right???

Well, about today's color, here it is

And here are the 3 hints to guess the name :
1. Its the name of a fruit
2. _ v _ _ a _ _
3. There is also a place by the same name in California

I had a lot of  fun playing with color combinations for this one here!

First, a monochromatic scheme, combined once again with with light lime but with a different dark solid - Pine. I love the effect they have together!

And to make a  complementary scheme, I'd love to pair it with Brick Red

To be a little more creative, I'd go with a moving theme - pairing it with 30's Yellow and Green


 Now coming to the interesting part of choosing prints that work with our solid. 

Firstly, it will make a great solid to use for making Christmas stuff! Here are a few of my favorite bundles that you can pair it with.

This print would be great for making kids stuff for Christmas!

 I'd love to pair it with the funky colorful fabric for some bold work! 

For a more sophisticated look, I'd love to work with
Portico by Dear Stella Fabrics
I think they'll really make a statement together!

It has a lot of movement and color to make little hearts go wild, without screaming - I'm a kids print!

I think Aurifil # 2887 comes closest to this fabric. 

What would you pair our solid of the day with???

And would you like to win one yard of it?
Here's how to do that.
1. Mandatory entry. Guess the name of today's Color and leave a comment with the name.

2. For extra entries, you can post links to photos clicked by you with the Color of the Day in it.
One entry per photo. You can enter as many as you want. They could be anywhere, your blog, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... Absolutely anywhere on the world wide web. The only condition is that IT MUST BE CLICKED BY YOU. If anyone is found to link to somebody else's photo, they will be banned from the event! To increase your chances to win, enter as many photos as you can. 1 comment per photo link.

Go on! Keep those entries coming!!!

Have an awesome day!!!

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