Bella Parade '13 : Weekly Giveaway # 3

5:30 PM

Hiya all!!!
I am back with another New Bella solids Fat Quarter Bundle to give away!!!


I am!!!

I am adding one more rule to win this week!!! Read carefully for another chance to win!

1. Leave a comment. Tell me how you're enjoying the Bella Parade. Tell me if you love it, hate it... Tell me anything about it!!!

2. If you've bought Bella Solids from Fat Quarter Shop during the parade, leave a comment with your invoice number and the number of yards of Bella Solids that you bought. You get 1 entry for every yard that you buy! (1 Charm Pack = 1 yard, 1 Jelly Roll, 1 Layer Cake = 3 yards, 4 FQs = 1 yard)

 3. Which one my my quilts is your favorite? Go to the Quilts & More section above and check them out! Every person gets only one comment!

Remember they are 20% OFF using the code BELLAPARADE at checkout!

I'll draw a winner for this draw next week. Tomorrow I'll be announcing the winners for ALL of this weeks draws - the Weekly Giveaway, and the daily giveaways!!!

Stay tuned & enjoy!!!


Just for some eye candy here's something I'm working on that i will reveal later this week...
Can you guess what it is?

 I promise you it will be totally awesome!!!

I think I'm going to call 2013 the year of discovery!!! I have really stretched my limits and am totally enjoying it!!!

Cheers again!!!

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