I was featured... again!!!

12:20 PM

It was sometime in May last year, amidst the hectic schedule - sometime between my tailbone injury and my little brother's wedding, - that Brinda Gill sent me an email telling me that she'd like to write an article about me!

She is a freelancer and writes for numerous national and international publications. I was hoping she would write about me for a leading national design magazine - Inside Outside.
Little was I expecting to make into the The Quilter - the national magazine of The Quilters' Guild, UK!!!

But yes! i have been featured there! and it makes me so happy!!!

Unfortunately, the magazine is not for sale. But the editor was happy to let me share the pdf of the article.

So here is the link to the pdf form of the article.

The Call of Quilting
This article first appeared in the Autumn 2013 issue of The Quilter, the quarterly membership magazine of The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles: www.quiltersguild.org.uk

I must say the article is written absolutely beautifully and if you'd have first seen me when I read it, you could have actually seen me blush!!!


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