The Transparent Window

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 I am a member of a group "Art Quilts Around the World". Every 2 months we have a challenge and we make A3 sized quilts for the same.

This time the challenge was Art Nouveau

I loved this challenge the moment it was announced!!! 

It took me back to 1999 when I was in the Third year of my Bachelor of Architecture course and studied it in History of Architecture! It was my favorite subject - because I always scored well in it, or maybe I scored well because I loved it! No idea!
But this challenge took me back to my Sir Banister Fletcher  textbook - the big fat book of History of Architecture - that I loved so much that I stopped borrowing it from the college library and went and bought my own copy! I remember it was about 1400 rupees (About  32 USD at the time) My allowance was about 2500 rupees a month, so it was a huge investment!

But I loved it! It felt like a storybook! Filled with the most awesome images!!! 

I remember the feature that most interested me in the Art Nouveau period was the lovely stained glass windows! I imagined light filtering through them, taking the color of the glass and creating a story of its own!!! It all came back to me in a moment!!!

And so I decided the bring that quality to my quilt!!! 

Here's my Art Nouveau Quilt!

The Transparent Window!!!

I used my thread scraps to make the 'glass' in the center!!! 

And you know whats the best part???

Yes!!! It is TRANSPARENT!!! I layered the thread nests between two layers of Tulle and quilted it!!! I used a foundation paper which I removed after the 'quilt' was done!!! 

I am so happy that my experiment worked the way I wanted it to!!! 

Do you like this???

Do hop onto the blog to see the other wonderful entries out there!!!

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