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Hi! Its that time of the year again!!!
Amy form Amy's Creative Side painstakingly organizes an online Quilt Festival for all those who cannot attend the live ones - so that we do not miss out on all the fun!!!

Go on to her blog to check all the categories and vote for your favorite one when the voting starts! Voting begins on May 23. So mark your calenders. Of course in the Applique Quilt Category, I'd love if you vote for my quilt, but in the other categories, you can vote for your favorite one!

Here's the quilt that I'm entering into the festival!!!


This quilt was done using a Reverse applique Technique. In this you first stitch all the layers together and then cut away the parts that you do not want.

iQuilt is based on the famous photo of Steve Jobs by Albert Watson. It was a gift for my Apple crazy brother!  And he sure was so happy to have it!!! I had managed to keep it a surprise for a long time between when it was completed and when it was given to him!

The size is 24" x 30" and it is made from just 3 shades of fabric - White, Grey & Black.
Making the beard part was a nightmare with so many tiny pieces!!!

But I'm so proud of my work!!!

Name : iQuilt
Size : 24" x  30"
Photo : Steve Jobs by Albert Watson
Techniques used : Reverse applique
Material Used : Fabric (3 shades - White, Grey & Black), Aurifil Thread (again 3 shades White, # 2625 - grey- and black all wt 50), Tulle
Made on : My Bernina 330!
Experience : Amazing! Trying a less used reverse applique quilt for a portrait did a lot to boost my confidence!!!
Do you like it???
If yes, then vote for me  after 23rd May!!!

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