When a quilter sees a monster...

7:24 PM

Kids see monsters all the time. i'm sure many moms like me have, more often than not, put a label "Monster Spray" over a spray bottle filled with a room freshener.

But what happens when the quilter mom sees a monster?

She makes it into a quilt, of course!!!

I was playing with some fabric dyes yesterday. While ironing out the fabrics, I saw a shape of a monster in it!!!

My mind started whirring with ideas. So much so that I totally forgot to take a picture of it!!!

I snapped this one just as I set it up on my machine to make the "Monster in my Dye" quilt!

If you turn your head to the left, you can see the monster's face!

I took him and made it into a quilt! I'm sure my son will love it when he sees it!!!

I added a small piping before I added the binding! I love the effect of it!

Here's a detail shot of the face... The quilting turned out awesome!

Quilt stats :

Name : "Monster in my Dye"

Size : 14" x 16.5"

Material Used
Fabric : Hand dyed cotton poplin - local market buy
Thread : Aurifil 50 wt in different colours - Blues, Green, Red and White!

Technique : Whole Cloth quilt!

Experience : Scary !!! LOL! Lot of spontaneous fun!!!

Do you like my monster?


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