Precious Metals...

9:13 PM

I'm so excited to share today's finish!

This one took quite some time. The piecing finished in a couple of days, but the quilting felt like it took forever!

It was fun to watch the blocks come together.

I did make some more grey-white blocks for the negative space, but ended up not using them. I used a linen from my stash instead.

The quilt top was pieced just like the blocks. Improvised.

I knew how I wanted to quilt it. The inspiration came from Angela Walters.

I did swirls around the triangle. Straight-ish lines in the pieced part and pebbles in the grey linen.

I love the quilting on this one. I was almost ready to give up, but I decided not to start the next project (which I am even more excited about) till I finished this one!!! That gave me the necessary motive to finish this!!!

I am absolutely thrilled with this one!!!

Quilt Stats

Name : Precious Metals

Size : 44" x 46"

Material Used : Fabric - Cotton solids, Linen and prints from stash. Thread - Aurifil 50 wt (2320) on top and 40 wt (2600) in the bobbin.

Technique : Improv piecing

Experience : Fun, tiring, exhausting, depressing, exciting!!! All in one!!!

What did you make today?

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