Aurifil Designer: Block of the month 201

11:04 PM

I cant really believe my eyes!! I am actually stacked up against the very people I grew up watching and learning Quilting from...
Well! Not actually! 'coz I have been quilting for just over a  couple of years ...but you get the drift!!

I am so over the moon, and yes yes over that Super Moon which is now the talk of the town. I am so elated that I think I have stopped making sense ha ha ha
You can feel my excitement here!!

So let me be me logical and explain whats happening. Aurifil Threads just posted their 2017 Aurifil Designers list ...those who will contribute to their 2017 Blocks of the Month, one designer and block each month. I am one of the esteemed Quilters to make it to this prestigious list.
I am greatly humbled by this and thank Aurifil Threads from the bottom of my heart.These esteemed quilters have always been my inspiration and now standing tall amongst them makes me feel proud of who I am and especially proud of my journey so far...

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