I am honored to be featured a multiple times over the past few months...

Just though I'd consolidate it all here...

#1 : November 2011 : An Article in Fat Quarterly E-zine

# 3 : 30 Jan 2012 : An interview with Carol Shantananda - On her blog Quilting in India

#4 :  Featured in The Name Game at Live a Colorful Life

# 5 : 19 January  2013 : Interview on Mommypage - not to forget that I was featured on their home page!

#6 : 28 January 2013 : Sew Mama Sew - I also did a guest post about my Samosa Pouches

#7 : 10 March 2013 : The New Indian Express - Magazine, Chennai Edition

#8 : 2 April 2013 : The Indian Express, Pune Edition

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  1. Gosh! you are very talented, Shruti! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog, while searching for Indian folk art on Pinterest!

    Love your little studio and would love to give a mention to some of your creations on your blog (www.notjustashopper.com).



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