On this page, is a list of all the Portrait Quilts I have made over the years!

The first portrait quilt I made was of my husband's great-grandfather. He was the person who founded our family business, 100 years back. We owe it all to him! I made this one as a gift to my husband and his family to celebrate 100 years of the family business.

The next was my iQuilt. It was made as a gift for my brother, a huge Steve Jobs fan! This was my first attempt at Reverse applique in a portrait and I totally loved it!

After making the iQuilt, I had a lot of enquiries for workshops. So to explore whether I could teach this technique in 2 days, I experimented some more and made this one - Smile - a portrait of Madhuri Dixit. Not very happy with this one, I was sure I was going to make a larger one of her!

And so I made this one! Its not exactly a portrait since you cannot see her face in it, but yes, It is her - from Gaja Gamini!

Then I made this one of Mr. H P Ueltschi. It was made as a gift to him when he visited the Bernina Creative Center, in Mumbai. He was so generous with his words!!!

Audrey Hepburn portrait was made as a trial of what I would be teaching in a two day workshop! 

Then I made this one : Mr Aurifil - of Alex Veronelli. He was generous enough to be my 'subject' for my ebook! I got a chance to meet him and give it to him in person at QuiltCon 2015!

This portrait of Ch. Shivaji Maharaj was made as a gift to my husband!

This one was made on the day our ex-president passed away as a tribute to the most inspiring presidents our country has ever seen. The missile man - Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. 

"Abhalamaya" was ap ortrait that was the show stopper for my first solo exhibition! It is the largest portrait quilt I have ever made! It measures 88" x 85"

This was my first attempt at abstract portrait. I love how it turned out. The background is a Gelli printed fabric made by me. 

I took a class with Carol Ann Waugh on Craftsy and made this fun and sassy portrait!!! I love this technique!!! It sure came along pretty quickly!

This is one of my son Aadi. I've named it "My heart's delight". This is the first portrait I have made in colour! I can see many more coming up in this technique!!!

I have been inspired by Canadian artist Martina Shapiro and Melissa Averonis (she won the best of show at Quiltcon2016) to make these abstract portraits. They are based on Expressionism and Fauvism.

First up is Callie - inspired by its namesake from Greys Anatomy.

And then there is Arizona, her colourful partner!

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