Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baby Quilts for the Orphanage

Hello All,
I'm doing my first charity quilting. I'm gifting the local orphanage baby quilts with the names of the babies appliqued on them. These are really tiny babies, say about 2-6 months old (I hate to think why their parents would give them up). So the quilts will be about 36" x 36"
I wanted to ask you all if you would donate anything for it... Blocks, spare binding, fabric, spare batting... absolutely anything.... You can even make lovely labels for them... There will be about 40 quilts to make... The names will be the last ones to be appliqued... And since they want them to be done in Marathi (our local language) I cannot ask you all to help me there...
The target is diwali (somewhere around november) for the completion of these quilts...
If you're interested, please leave me a comment with your email address and I'll contact you right away!!!
Thanks a lot!!!


  1. My dear Shruti, Thank you leaving such a lovely comment about my Baba's quilt. I came back and found this lovely idea you are about to do and I would really like to help. Both my kids are adopted, so I want to donate two quilts, one in the name of each of my sons. And I will let my blogging friends know about your effort and see if we can get more people interested, OK?
    Please email me, and we'll talk,
    Valentina from Cyprus

    by the way, Shruti, there is something wrong with the word verification below your comment form making it very very dificult to place a comment. But I will keep persisting, ok?
    Maybe you should delete the "links to this post" Gadget?

  2. Please email me with details, I would like to send a baby quilt (or two if I am very good!).

  3. Hi Shruti, I got here by way of Christina's blog - I am wondering if people from America can help with your quilt project? I would love to help! I can send batting and fabric and maybe even finish a quilt to include for this project.


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