Sunday, May 23, 2010

A little about the orphanage that I'm donating to...

As I said two posts back, I'm planning to donate 40 baby quilts to an orphanage here in Sangli. I'd like to tell you all a little about the organisation... 

This is an excerpt taken from the website of the organisation. You can read more about it here

Lighting the Lamp of Love – BSSK:

“All children are beautiful when they are loved”

Bertha ‘Grandma’ Holt

Look into the eyes of a helpless child and you see your whole world fall apart.... Hear the haunting cry of a baby and listen to your heart beating with pain. Touch the fingers of a newborn and hold on to all the humanity you can msuter... Here is the story of an organization called BSSK.

In 1979 an Institution of love was born in Pune, India, when Bharatiya Samaj Seva Kendra (BSSK) was founded as an Indian Charitable Trust and registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950. The aim was to provide welfare services to families and children in need, irrespective of caste, creed, community or religion. This non-political, non-profit making organization is licensed as a “Fit Institution” by the Commissionerate of Women and Child Welfare, Maharashtra.

To secure the basic right of every child to family life, BSSK was established in Pune. October 21, 1979 marked the formal inauguration and beginning of BSSK from a rented stone bungalow on Koregaon Road.

In 1980 Educational sponsorship was initiated to help children from poor families thereby strengthening the family unit of the child. BSSK helps deserving students pursue their education for improving their future prospects, preventing school drop outs, and preventing destitution, child labour, institutionalization and delinquency.

In 1981 Indian adoptions took a leap forward with BSSK's first child being adopted by an Indian family. Adoption process is based on rules, regulations and norms based on Guidelines, Court directives and experience of the agency. Every child has a right to have his/her own family. Adoption is one form of building a family.

The story of BSSK continues where abundant love works the magic of transformation, where care gives childhood another chance and where integrity makes it all worth while! Come, journey into a different world with us...

Founder Trustees:

Dr. (Late) (Mrs.) Banoo J. Coyaji

Mrs. Usha Modak 
(Late) Mr. A. D. Gadkari


BSSK is headquartered in Pune (Maharashtra, India). We also have branches in Aurangabad, Sangli and Chiplun (Maharashtra).


This is an institute which I've been a part of in more than one ways. I was a member of the team that designed the building for the organisation. Also, through my MIL I've been sponsoring students here. But I was most deeply moved by the children here. I have seen premature babies brought here from dustbins around the city... people have left them near temples... Karna(the Sangli branch of BSSK) has provided them with a home to this children... I wish to provide them the warmth that every child deserves... 

I once again appeal to all you generous hearts out there to help me in any way you can... 

A few more things,
1. The organization will give me a certificate stating the donation that I'll make, I'll be scanning and sending them to all those who donate generously.

2. I'll be making 42 quilts instead of 40. I'll get the orphanage children to pick 2 names from amongst those who donate who will win the giveaway on the day of Diwali - November 5

3. Donations shall not include Cash

4. You can donate anything of the following

Fabric (Scraps are welcome)
Batting (Scraps are welcome)
Blocks that you've stowed away
Incomplete works
Binding strips left over
Anything else that you can find relevant

5. If you're interested in sending full made quilts you're more than welcome.

6. Please mail me for any queries.

7. Join the Flickr Pool for this charity, I'm calling it Spread the Cheer!!!

Thank you all!!!


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