Friday, June 25, 2010

My new sewing room!!!

Okay, so I FINALLY got to move all my stuff into my old orange room. I had given it to my son, but since he sleeps in our bed with hubby & me, there was not much point in having a separate room for him.
So back went his stuff into the family room and my stuff into my favorite room.

Here's my fabric storage corner. The vertical rack was actually a bench which I put up on its side. I'll have clear tubs to occupy the racks with scraps sorted by color. Meanwhile, the corrugated boxes will have to do.

This is my working area with the long table serving to cut, sew and iron stuff. The corrugated boxes here too hold fabric and will be replaced with clear tubs when finances permit.

This is my cutting corner which also has clear jars to hold my scraps. This was something i saw on stash manicure. The blogger had 3 jars but I decided to have 5."Reds & Pinks", Blues & Greens", Yellows & Oranges", Blacks & Whites" & "Browns & Beiges"

This is a small rug that I made from my old chiffon dupattas. The colors look beautiful together and my dear teddy holds my pens with so much of love... The pen stand was a gift from my hubby on my honeymoon. We bought it in a Little Lacey showroom at Genting Highlands.

This part is something I've kept more or less the same. My boy is not much of a fan of soft toys and so I thought I'd let them stay with me in my sewing room. I also added a few of my favorite things to the display.

And this is the first item i made in my new sewing room. Its an ipad sleeve. Based on the tutorial by Quilt Dad.

I'm looking forward to wonderful days of quilting ahead.

P.S. I do want to paint something on my orange wall. Any suggestions for any kind of wall art?


  1. Cute sewing room! Mine is in complete disarray since I moved it back into the smallest room in the house :(
    Aren't jars the best for storage - so easy to see what's in them.
    My 3 year old is the opposite - he loves his soft toys!
    As far as painting something on the wall - I'm probably not much help but maybe something sewing related or crafting related
    I found this site which has alot of sayings

  2. A quilt needs to go on that wall. That way your art can be ever changing and evolving.

    Sewing rooms seem to be very moveable rooms. I;m currently in what should be our guest bedroom, because DD moved back home and commandeered the sewing room...

  3. Such a nice sewing room! :)
    Thank you for coming by to visit me and entering my contest! HOpe you win! What a wonderful blog you have! :)

  4. I like your window to your sewing room, a great way to get inspiration..When my son went to college, I moved back into his room, it was my original sewing room aka before children. I feel a little cramed in here, I also am a Stampin' Up! sales rep, so I have those things in here also. Check out my blog: .

  5. I agree, you should hang a quilt on that wall. I think I went a little overboard because I have quilted things on every wall in my sewing room lol. I love the little blue rug under your pen holder, its beautiful.

  6. Love what you have done with your quilt room. I am happy to see that Stash Manicure has been somewhat of an inspiration to you. I love the tall jars with all of your scraps. Yes... a wall quilt would go lovely in your room.
    Happy Quilting!

  7. Hey thank you girls for your wonderful comments! A quilt will go onto that wall... A couple of mini quilts would be lovely... I'm so confused now that I have decided to make a quilt for myself... :) But I know it will be fun!

  8. It's wonderful to have a sewing room with a door to close one's mess on although yours do look loads more neater than mine! I can see a Singer & am curious what's the other one, in front of the window. Happy Mooncake Fest from this part of Asia.

  9. Great Article about Pen Holder
    I like it most...

  10. Hi Shruti,

    Love your sewing room, also love your blog. Good luck with your quilting.


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