Monday, June 14, 2010

Where am I right now???

I know I've been away for quite a long time. 2 weeks to be precise. My internet connection is having issues. Hope they'll be sorted out soon and I can come back to blogging.
Meanwhile, I've also decided to shift my studio to a cottage that was built as an out house about 30 years back by my FIL. I had an office of my own (for which I had spent my own money) that used to be my studio untill now. But I have to accept the fact that its not generating any revenue and it lies facing the main street and that my husband can make a better use of it as an extension of his shop (He runs a laptop showroom here).
My office was my dream. And its beautiful too. Its really painful moving stuff out of the place. I wanted to start my own architectural practice there. But things didn't work out. And it was lying empty till I started Shruti's. 
The cottage is pretty old and dull. But I know I'll make it into a much better place. Wish me luck.

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