Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finish # 2 for Spread the Cheer!

I still do not have my Bernette back. And yesterday got the bad news that I won’t be getting her back for a couple of weeks. That was when I decided to make do with whatever I’ve got.

So what if the machine makes a lot of noise and scares away my kiddo. So what if the thread keeps on breaking every time I stop the machine. So what if the tension keeps on messing up all the time. So what if there is no stitch length adjustment. So what if I cannot backstitch the ends. That does not mean that I give up on my commitment. 40+2 quilts before Diwali means 40+2 quilts in 16 weeks. With all you great guys helping me finish them, it’s an average of 3 quilts per week for me right now!!!

So I decided not to let my work accumulate and work on the old machine as it is. And I made one wonderful quilt on her. It is my second quilt for Spread the Cheer. I just cut 9 4.5” strips in 3 different colors (3 strips each) and stitched them together. The top was done!

I used a white binding for this one. I love the way it looks. As usual I’ve used flannel for batting and it makes the quilt really soft. How did I quilt it? Straight lines @ 1” apart! (Do I have a choice?)

Spreading the Cheer should not be limited to donating the quilts. I’d like to bring a little cheer to my own dull day too. So I just did that. I do love my old machine. She’s sturdy and has helped me when I’ve needed her the most! So tomorrow I’m taking her to the mechanic for a servicing and getting her ready for the work!!! Her name is Durby by the way, and she’s one black beauty!

Thanks Durby! For helping me Spread the Cheer!!!

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