Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Personalized Pillows!!!

I did finish that order for 40 personalized pillows for a friend of mine. They were the return gifts at a birthday party. And people loved them.

Here they are...

For the girls...

And for the boys...

yeah... even aadi got one... we were also invited... :)

And since the venue was "Traffic Park" - Its a park where all pathways are treated as roads where we can teach children to obey traffic rules; it even has a railway track with a railway compartment! I thought the decoration would be a signal
Red - Sleep
Amber - Eat
Green - Play

I used the most unusual material for packing them. The names had to be visible for obvious reasons. And there wasn't time to go and find the right size plastic bags and zip pouches were too expensive...


Yup... I used a  cling film to wrap them up! And from now on anything that I ship internationally will be wrapped in it. Its just too good.

Don't they look gorgeous?
I made them all in a record time - 26 hours!
Was absolutely exhausted in the end... even showed up late for the party... But it was all worth it...


  1. Hi Shruti - thank you for your lovely comment on my spiderweb quilt. The backing fabric is by Timeless treasures and is from their schooldays collection. There is plenty available on etsy if you search cursive writing fabric, or timeless treasures schooldays!

  2. They are just adorable! I'm sure the kids would have all felt very special to receive such a lovely return gift.
    Been reading your blog for sometime now and I really like seeing the things you make :)


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