Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I've got mail !!!

When I drove out on my bike (Yeah I ride a bike - She's a lovely 125cc Automatic Suzuki Access - She's a beauty!!) I saw the postman coming with a "huge" parcel balanced on the handle bars of his cycle. I did a U-turn, almost scaring the person behind me! and rushed back home!!!


Theresa  had sent this wonderful package to me!!! It had the most beautiful flannel fabrics and so thoughtful of her to include some thread too!!! All this for Spread the Cheer!!!

Thanks Theresa... I'll upload the pictures of the finished quilts when they are done...

There are unfortunately no followers for my PIF post... :( Hey guys I am not that bad at making things... Please sign up and I promise I'll send you something really wonderful... LOL

Waiting for SOMEONE to sign up!!!


  1. Shruti, I have been looking at a stack of fabric that I set aside for you for a week but haven't made it to the post office yet! Hopefully this weekend! Also, I would love to participate in your Pay it Forward! I have one on my blog, too, but only got one person to sign up. So consider me on your list and I'll cut and paste your Pay it Forward after I hear from you. And stay safe on that bike (that's the mom in me talking - sorry!)

  2. Hi Shruti,

    How wonderful you got mail! I did a post this week on one of the quilts I'm making for your project. It's nice that it looks like you'll actually get my contributions before the deadline!


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