Monday, July 26, 2010

Not enjoying it!

My Bernette came back after 3 weeks of waiting... Only to Jam up again!!!

I dont know whats wrong this time... She was sewing okay (not wonderful/great like she used to) and I broke a needle... I replaced it, but now it does not go down through the hole!!! This can only happen if the needle breaking can cause the approx 5-6 mm steel bar to develop a bend! (I swear i was not using a hammer anywher nearby) or somehow the machine has managed to move its assembly by a few milimeters!! Yeah, the needle is coming down at a point about 2 mm from where it should some down! 

Bernina is a great company. And their rep here Mr Gupta is a wonderful person... He's been very much helpful throughout the process... But I just cannot afford to be machine-less for another 3 weeks!

Sewing on my Bernette is loosing its charm now... And its getting more and more fustrating... I have a load of projects that need my attention... But its not fun anymore... Its started looking like work!!!

I think I should take a break for a while from sewing... What else can I work on meanwhile??? Any suggestions??? I'd love to try some different things... 

P.s. please dont suggest that I can try my hand at cooking... I'm a wreck there... and dont attempt it untill the last possible moment... I have a cook who does it for me EVERYDAY!

Meanwhile dont forget to sign up for my Giveaway. The signups close exactly 24 hours from now...

meanwhile let me show you what I managed to complete before my Bernette decided to play games with me...

These are the blocks I've made for my 3 x 6 Sampler Quilt Mini Bee...

Amber wanted Blue & Yellow

Tiffany wanted Blue + Green + Yellow

Marlynn wanted Black + Red + White

Kelly wanted Blue + Gray + Yellow

Amy wanted Blue + Brown + Green

And Barbara wanted Pink + Purple + Red

Keeping my fingers crossed that they'll like it...


  1. Shruti, your blocks are so pretty! And how frustrating for you with your machine! But good news: I went to the post office today, finally, so keep your eye out for more mail! I hope you like what I sent - some of my favorites!

  2. Oh no! Having an unreliable sewing machine is the worst feeling. I remember very clearly worrying how my old Bernina would behave when I'd turn her on. I've just learnt how to knit and can highly recommend it.
    Thanks for the recipe suggestion on my blog.

  3. Can you take photographs of what is going wrong on your Bernina? If the needle position has moved, then what ever hold the needle in the straight stitch position has moved over (involuntarily) to the left or right needle position. If the needle broke and you were not tugging on the fabric (I don't think you were) then the machine has something loose in the selector between stitches that caused it to move. When the needle hit the plate below it, it broke. Can you reset the position or is it stuck now?


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