Friday, August 27, 2010

Boost my Blog


And today's question is "What is the story behind your blog's name?"
I have already done a post abut it long back, but here's it once again for all you guys to know...
The place that I stay in was located in the Woodhouse Extension... And our was Plot No 13... So for a long time, it was known as 13 Woodhouse Road... It has ceased to be used since 25 years now... It was 5 years back, when I was newly married, while clearing the clutter in our bedroom - whcih was earlier my hubby's room - I found an old telephone book... I just looked up the home number and found this address... FIL gave me this information and when I started my blog - I remembered it and so - 13 Woodhouse Road it is!!!


  1. Hi! Found your blog from boost my blog Friday and I am now a follower! I am a stay at home Mom of two girls and I always enjoy meeting new Moms! If you can stop by my blog and consider following me back. Have a great weekend!! Your son is super adorable and so blessed to have you home with him.


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