I have a dilemma no more... Much to the amazement of most of my family members, I have decided to decline the business opportunity...

Had anyone told me a few years back, that I would give up a wonderful opportunity to stay at home with my kid and look after my home, I would never have believed them... But yes, today I took the decision NOT to seize the opprtunity...

A few months back, I decided that I wanted to spend some time at home... I had taken this decision for kiddo, but also for myself... Pressure was increasing from all sides and life was just not peaceful anymore... I needed to get away from all of it... I wanted to stop trying to find balance between work and home... And most of all, I wanted to be there for every little thing in kiddo's life!!!

Six months went by smoothly and then this opportunity came up... I thought about it... And in the end, I  realized, that just because this opportunity came, I'll give up my own decision to put kiddo on priority # 1 and go back to my old life? I could not do that to him... There are always temptations to take you away from your decision, and they look delicious... I felt that if I fell for this one, another one might come up later and take me further away from kiddo... And by the time, I can turn back, he might not have time for me... he might not need me then... And then I'll be feeling sorry for not being there when I should have been...

That was the one thought that made taking decision very simple all of a sudden... The smile that I see when my little one wakes up in the morning and hugs me is priceless... The way he appreciates my sewing (however bad it may be) is the best award anyone can give me... And the touch of his lips on my cheeks when he kisses me good night is the best salary that I can ever get in my life!!!

So dear Aadi, Mom's going to be there for you... As long as you need me...


  1. What a cutie! You've made a hard and brave choice and it will pay you back in dividends. The joy and depth I get to my life form being home with my girls is priceless. Obviously, money is good to but what we get by staying home is awesome. I'm your newest follower. Please follow back!

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower from Boost My Blog Friday! Really cute blog design!

  3. What a great choice you made! I applaud you! 20 years from now you will look back at this decision and realize it was a no-brainer, and you will be happy and thankful.


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