Thursday, September 9, 2010

A 'clutch'ing affair!!!

I have had this beautiful fabric for quite some time now. Its handwoven with green and red thread. It also has a golden thread woven into it. Its just a beautiful fabric that is about 50 years old (as per my knowledge, it could be older)

I want to use this fabric (I have a 26" x 30" piece) to make a clutch. It just has to hold my keys, some money and my cell phone.

How can you help me???

Find me a tutorial to make a clutch out of this fabric. (It has to make 2 from this piece, you'll know the reason later). The rules :
1. Please include your link in the comment you leave on this post.

 2. The tutorial need not be your own. But credit has to be given to the other writer. Plus, it has to be a publicly distributed pattern. Please do not mail me patterns that you have bought since that could be an infringement of the copyright. I will not be responsible for any such action on behalf of the commentor.
3. In case two peope link me to the same tutorial, I'll consider only the first one as an entry.
4. Person who links me to my favorite tutorial will be the winner.

5. The prize : I'll make a clutch for myself AND one for the winner too!!!

6. Deadline : Tuesday 14th Sept 00.00 IST



  1. That fabric is lovely Shruti and i am going to try and win a clutch from you! :) Here's my link -
    This blog links you to a lot of other blogs that give you awesome tutorials for clutches, purses, bags, etc. Hope you find something interesting there!

  2. THis one is really cute and you could adjust the size to maximize the fabric use that you have.

  3. Here is another that I think would be easy to adjust to fit you fabric perfectly without too much scraps. You would hate to waste any of that gorgeous fabric.

    Hope you find something.

  4. The fabric if beautiful! I don't have any patterns myself, but here are a few links to some cute clutch's!

    Here is a link to a simple clutch pattern you might like.

    Here is one that is ruffly-if you like that style:

    Or this one is my adorable!\

  5. Another tutorial that i liked recently -


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