Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A little off color...

A visit to my family usually makes me nostalgic... We are very closely knit and maybe thats the reason I find the few days after meeting all of them very exhausting...

Bro was opening a new shop... He really wanted me to be there, but I did not think I could make it... Hubby surprised me by telling me that we were going!!! I was so happy!

We were there only for a few hours... Met everyone, Mom, Dad, Bros and bhabhis and my sis too... And all the rest of the Pandit clan... It felt so wonderful...

Today, when I decided I would  write a post, for the first time since starting this blog, I could not think of anything to write. All I wanted was to go back to my childhood days... I remembered how I felt safe in my home... I feel safe here too, but nothing matches the feeling of being in the place you're born...

Oh! I miss them all!!!

You want to see my family:

Thats me sitting on the extreme right and Aadi with my dad (3rd from right) and my mom (4th from right). This picwas taken at Ashutosh's wedding...

Miss you all guys...

And for my reader, do you know about a tutorial to make a fabric clutch? If you dont look for it. I'm having a contest tomorrow...


  1. What a wonderful picture, Shruti! I'm happy to say I picked you out before I read your description of who was who. I'll be sure to check out your tutorial - thanks!

  2. Following you from Welcome Wednesday :) Loving your blog!


  3. What a great picture. Looking forward to the clutch!

  4. My first thought is-- how beautiful you all look! Your dad is very distinguished. I love the saris!! All that silk makes me giddy.

  5. Hi Shruti,

    I love the material for the clutch! Visiting from Think of Me Thursday. Hope you can stop by as well!

    - Shelli :)


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