Sunday, October 31, 2010

Clearing your misunderstandings...

Alright, some of you who had a glance at my Favorite Things Friday post thought I AM really NEAT and ORGANIZED!!! I've got news for you guys!!!


Even my kitty cleans up after herself... And kiddo is a neatness freak!! He hates it when things are out of place... Hubby's closet is so neat, if you ask him where his red shirt is he can exactly tell you even if he were on the other side of the world!

Me??? I struggle with mess everywhere!! I dont dare open my closet in front of anyone else lest some of my undies end up on the other persons head! My sewing room looked like this :

It took me a long time to convert this to this

But during this process I realized what I was loosing while not caring about the mess... I was wasting time looking for things that I could have found easlily with a little organization... Sometimes I have even bought things that I already had because I could not find them... I could have used this time and money for a much more creative purpose...

That was when I decided to organize my so-out-of-hand life... And there was opportunity too... I got the entire hosue cleaned for Diwali... I usually only do cleaning, but this time, I got rid of all my just-in-case-i-need-it-one-day stuff... I purged my house shelf-by-shelf room-by-room and am glad that I'll be spending a cleaner and satisfied Diwali this year...

Someday I'll talk about the system I worked out for myself...

But today I'll just leave you to feast on my fabric stash once more...


  1. With me chaos also rules constantly. It goes for me like you, I have often enough anew bought things because I have not found them.
    Now your study looks really smart, but believes me, there does not remain long in such a way. Unless, you stop with sewing :-))).

    Many hugs

  2. I must confess I feel much better since I cleaned up my bomb site of a sewing room this morning...

    the rest oif my house is fine's just that room . Apparently creativity breeds mess.

  3. Your sewing room looks wonderful and your wall of fabric is very inspiring. I need to reorganize mine. Too many piles of things and they are falling over!

  4. I like the look of the stash! My sewing room collects clutter from the other rooms and my stuff ends up buried. Once a week I pick it up, and by the end of the week, there's more stuff.


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