Monday, October 11, 2010

While hubby's away...

There is just one thing that I'll never dare to do while hubby's around... "Sorting my fabric stash"... I totally went overboard today, being utterly ruthless and discarding stuff that I had collected for those "just in case" moments... I can use the money I won in the casino to buy fabric "just in case"...

So first I just got piles of boxes and sorted ALL my fabric, believe me, I took EVERY little piece in my hand and manually put it into one box... In the end there were 16 LARGE boxes (I used the ones they use to pack CRT monitors and trust me, they are HUGE) I kept stuff from 5 of them and GAVE 11 AWAY!!!

They were mostly scraps remaining from the clothes of clients that I thought looked interesting and might need to use in some of my work... There were also a LOT of clothes... Jeans, mens shirts and a few dresses too... I gave them away to all the workers on our shop site today... They were really happy!!!

Then I got all the boxes out of the room and cleaned EVERY CORNER!!! I dusted it, swept it, wiped with a wet cloth and then mopped it!!!  I even got the men to help me to get rid of the HUGE table and moved the blue almirah to my bedroom...

With a totally empty room I got back to my basic instinct - designing... I got my beloved table which was earlier in my office upstairs along with the single bed... And they do look lovely here... I put all my soft toys onto the bed... And got the shelves ready to hold my fabric (the smaller fat quarterish pieces)...

Then I ironed EVERY single piece of fabric (more than half was already done, I had been working on it since a long time now) and folded it and NEATLY kept them in the shelves... I used the bookcase for storing larger pieces and the shelves to hold the smaller ones...

After that I just finished it off by once again wiping down every surface!!!

I realized I get a lot more work done when hubby's away... Even Aadi had gone out for a birthday party (thats the first time he's gone without me! My little boy is growing up)... So that gave me a full 8 hours to work!!!

In the end it was worth every ache in my muscle!!! Wasn't it?

There's a lot of work more to be done... But that will wait for another week... I still have to paint it... I'm tired of that orange wall... Any suggestions about the shade? I was thinking of vanilla and yellow stripes... That way I wont have to spend money on completely painting it and can just change the look after painting one wall... I'm also getting the FQ shelves shifted to the opposite wall and the thread rack too... The wall will have shelves from top to bottom for fabric storage... And the now orange wall will be completely empty!!! I am planning to make a design wall (removable) there... Maybe more of a design curtain thing!!! All this will be done, hopefully, before Diwali...

One more important thing, a lot of friends have recently signed up for the Spread the Cheer Project... So I had a talk with the orphanage people and am planning to postpone the deadline to Christmas instead of Diwali... I'm planning to do a "Santa" thing that night and gift the children their quilts!!! But I need your permission to do that... Afterall, we're doing the project together... Can I do that???


  1. hi,

    I sent a comment to you a while ago and haven't heard back - it must have got lost in the internet somewhere....

    Anyway, I'd like to contribute some finished quilts to your project - they are mostly done except for the binding. If you'd send me your address I'll get them finished and sent off to you.

    thanks :-)

  2. I think a Christmas gifting sounds like a brilliant idea.

    And despite the sore muscles and hard work it sounds like you had fun sorting through your stash.

  3. Wow, Shruti, good on ya! You inspire me to continue straightening and cleaning my space. I was ready to call it quits!

  4. You must be so exhausted! What a great way to breath life into your creative space!

  5. What a great use of your energy! It'll make it easier to work, and with the removal of most of the cardboard and dust, your son will breathe easier, too.

  6. wow! you were busy, busy! it's so nice to get a large project done!


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