Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A fun package!!!

Ta-da... Pa - rrrum... Okay that is some music... Now imagine me doing a happy dance around my living room... Okay... Thats enough... I know I suck at dancing even more than I do at cooking... LOL

Now, the million dollar question... Why am I dancing???

My postman (he's on my gift list this Diwali... LOL) brought me yet another package...

And look what was inside it...

My F.R.I.E.N.D.S. swap package from Lisa!

I got time to take snaps almost 2 hours after the postman had left... I managed to keep my patience for that time to show you the packages as i opened them... Thats an achievement for me!!!

F : The five F's for a Friend

R : A Rose by any other name...

I : Something to help with Inspiration

E : Something Essential for the Handbag

Oops I forgot to take the nsnap when it was open... Its a lovely manicure set...

N : Something 'note'worthy

D : Something Deliciously Decadent

S : Something to Sort your Stitching

Here's all of it!!!

And no, thats not all... She also included a sweet package specially for Aadi...

Lisa, I'm going to keep the card and show it to him when he will be big enough to understand... It is a very sweet gesture... Thank you so much...

It felt like my birthday came 2 months early (its on 2nd of January btw.. for those who need to put me on their gift list... ;) ) Thank you so much for my wonderful gifts Lisa... I Can sure tell all the effort that went into putting it together...

So, for my Gift Bonanza Month for today, I'll let you have a look at the wonderful gifts I received... That may give you some inspiration... I have a lot to do... Making Chaklis, Laddoos, And lots of other sweets, getting packages ready to be distributed in both hubby's shop and my FILs shop... MIL is away on a work trip, so this year I have to do it all alone... And I'm doing it for the first time... So its many more trips to the market than are necessary... And the car had some problem and I had to give it for servicing so I have to use my Access... But that not only means half the number of wheels but also twice the number of trips!!! LOL...

Oh... An I so forgot to mention, I have also promised kiddo that I'll help him make his Killa (fort in marathi)... Its a diwali tradition in Maharashta to make a fort with stones and mud and decorate it with mud idols of Ch Shivaji Maharaj and village folk... More updates on it later...

But its fun to do all this in anticipation of what is to come ahead... Its diwali on the 5th, so stay tuned for a fun and photo filled post on that day...



  1. Hey glad your package arrived safely...and that you like all the goodies...I had heaps of fun putting it all together...I am still waiting for yours to arrive....hopefully this week or early next week...Lisa

  2. Your gifts look great.

  3. Dear Shruti,
    You are the only quilter in India who has a blog. I have been following you for some time now and love reading all about your quilting journey. I have been fascinated by the art of quilting and it amazes me to know that you learnt everything by yourself from scratch. I was looking for inspiration and I have found one in you.
    Best of luck with your Spread the Cheer initiative. It takes a lot of steam to follow through with this.

    Take care,

  4. Hey Shruti,

    The gifts are lovely. And I'm really amazed that they got to you safely on India Post!!! Or were they couriered? We had sent some stuff back from Manali and they never made it.

    Question: Where did you buy your rotary mat? Do you get them in India? Do tell.

  5. I love your blog. I have a question for you. What kind of cat is yours? It looks a lot like mine.


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