Friday, November 26, 2010
Hi, Its friday again... And here's my favorite thing for this week!!!
Remember the wonderful trip I went on with my family last month???

Yeah, We had gone to Goa!!! Thats me and my hubby's favorite holiday destination... Why didn't we go there last week??? That was because I was already up north (about 150 kms) and Goa is to the south (about 450 kms)...

But, wait... Today while Aadi and I were waiting for his school rickshaw (yeah, he goes to school by an auto rickshaw) Rohit's Best Friend came along with his wife and kids to say bye as they were going to Goa for the weekend...

Aadi declared that he wanted to go too... And Rohit said - Pack our bags we are going to Goa!!! Now, I'm a little confused if he's really serious or not... I do hope he is... LOL... The last trip was a disaster and he just didn't get to enjoy at all... So here I am waiting for him to come for lunch and tell me if he's serious... And if he is... I will see you guys on Monday!!!

Thats another of my favorite thing - DH's unpredictability!!! But I'll leave that for another Friday...

That was my Favorite Thing this Friday, whats yours??? Pop over to Quilting in my Pyjamas and share it...



  1. If you do get to go to Goa, I'd love to see pictures!

    It's cool that you enjoy your husband's unpredictability. That would drive a lot of women crazy. :-)

  2. I have always been interested to see Goa, so please lots of photos.

  3. My husband is the most predictable person on the planet so when he does something surprising I usually have to reach for my heart medication...

    Have a lovely weekend. How lovely that your husband does things to surprise you.

  4. Ooooh holidays are fun. yes lots of photos, never been to Goa :-)


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