Thursday, November 4, 2010

A very tiring day!!!

I'm so sorry for not posting anything yesterday... It so happened that I decided to go down to hubby's shop to see if he needed any help with the decorations for Diwali... That was about 10.30 am... I had just given Aadi a bath and he was playing with the cook!!!

I had a look at the showroom and knew I had some work to do!!! What I had not anticipated was that I would be there till 8.00 pm! We (me and hubby) did all the decorations and it was all done by 7.00 pm... We did not even get time to come upstairs for lunch, we just ordered some samosas... And honestly, I do not even remember myself going to the bathroom!

So, 7 pm we were thinking its done and the showroom was looking fabulous, we went to have a cup of tea in the backoffice when we heard a crash from the showroom! Since Aadi was playing there, we both feared the worst and ran out... Only to find that one of the customers had walked right through our glass door!!! It was a huge mess... And right at the entrance... I had to spend the next one hour clearing the entrance and making sure that there were no glass pieces lying around... It was so exhausting...

But, there is a belief in India that when a glass breaks on any occassion, it brings good luck... So if we've broken a whole glass door, I guess sale is going to be good this season... And finally hubby will take me on that long awaited vacation - just the two of us... to the exact same place where we spent our honeymoon... (No, not malaysia... we spent 3 days in mahabaleshwar before we went to malaysia...)

I so want to go out with him ALONE! We haven't spent time with each other since the past 3 years... And i guess we deserve it... And my parents stay just at a 50 mins distance from there, so I guess we can leave Aadi with them (he'll be so glad).. But all this is wishful thinking... For it all to happen, first the season must go well... So wish us luck (yeah, us, I'll be joining him to help in 'The Laptop Shop' for a coupel of days too...

And tomorrow is Diwali... Await a long post in the next 48 hours from me filled with lights, colors and a whole lot of fun...

And because I cannot let go a post without pictures, here's 'oops' (yeah we named her that) in her favorite spot... An empty pot in my garden!!!


  1. What an exhausting day you had! I looked up Diwali, and I am convinced I should be celebrating it; I need a reminder that good will eventually triumph over evil (we're having layoffs at work and the outlook for my industry is not so good.)

    I'll keep a good thought for your next year and that wonderful visit to his grandparents Aadi will take while you spend time with your husband.

  2. But dont you feel good after all that hard work? Sounds like lots was achieved.

    Anticipating a holiday is half the fun. Enjoy your planning. I cant wait to read your Diwali post!


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