Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Winners

Here are the winners of both my giveaways...

First is the Scraps winner

Mr. Random Number Generator has picked...

Congratulations to Ange who said
 "Love the Orange Candy fav for sure!"

And the winner of tha Chain Reaction Pattern from Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew is

Congratulation trudys_person... I will forward your details to allison and she'll mail you the pattern directly...

I am doing much better today, just getting over the loads of housework that seems to have multiplied itself when I was away... Does anyone know where do ALL of my husband's handkerchiefs go when I'm out of town? Or HOW socks manage to change their colors??? I clearly remember putting 2 PAIRS of each - White, Brown, Black, Blue and Grey in his drawer before I left and now there's only ONE each of brown, white and grey in it!! I think i should install a cctv camera in my house so that I know where stuff goes!!!

Will get back to you when I have straightened everything out - tonite is the limit!!!


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  1. Thank you Allison and Shruti for the pattern! I love it, and love PDF patterns - I already have it! Piece, Paula


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