Thursday, December 2, 2010

A delay!!!

The postman got this yesterday in the mail...

3 boxes of basting pins...

I started and finished basting this baby...

but then, there was an interruption that made all my plans blow off like a hurricane...

I fell down the stairs in my morning rush!!! I was on my way to get some veggies and eggs and to get the ironed clothes from the laundry... I twisted my ankle and fell down 4 steps, with my foot hitting each of the step pretty violently... In minutes it was all puffed up... Hubby came running (what with all the noise I made) to find me sitting on the stairs - crying (yeah, I could not help it) and poor Aadi looking at me - bewildered! Poor thing, he even scolded the stairs for makking Mummy fall! That was so sweet... Off to the doctor we went, One X-ray and some painful examination later he declared that All iz well! Thank God there were no broken bones... Its an injured muscle that he says will hurt for a while... And yeah that bandage is that stained... And no my toes are not always so nice... I painted them for this snap... LOL

So what do you do when you are stuck in bed all day... It hurts like hell to move your 75 kg around the house ( I so wish I was a bit lighter!)

Well, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, and read all Harry Potter books back to back! I just finished reading The Chamber of Secrets... I have lost count of the number of times I have read these books...

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2)

Thanks JKR for making my day a little bit nicer today... So sewing is delayed... But I just hopped over to tell you whats up at my end...



  1. I love what your basting here and cannot wait to see it finished. Hope your foot gets better super fast.
    Scarlett Burroughs
    Quilting Editor, Craft Gossip

  2. Hope your foot will soon be back to normal. Ros x

  3. So sorry to hear of your fall. Your body must be achey too; I know I would be bruised and achey all over! Hope you are on the mend quickly so you can finish up that pin basting. :)

  4. Sorry to hear of your injury; I hope it heals quickly. But in the meantime, enjoy your rest and reading!

    ~ Meagan

  5. So sorry about your sore foot! Glad it wasn't anything more serious though. Hope you're on the mend quickly.

  6. Ouch. Oh well, you'll just have to rest and relax...

  7. your poor thing - sorry to hear about your fall - good choice reading Harry Potter - just a pity you know how they all end!


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