Friday, December 10, 2010

Favorite Thing Fridays...

Though its almost 1/3rd into December, winter only just began in Sangli... We have only had to use the large, thick quilt for 2 nights!!!

Winter is my favorite season out here... Its lovely in the morning with mist and dewdrops... Its sunny during the day... But not too hot... And the nights are perfect for a cuddle with your favorite quilt... I love winters!!!

This was what it looked like in my yard today morning...

Thats looking away from my house...

Thats my house on the left... the little bit that you can see... Its 3 storeys - Ground Floor is DH's shop... First Floor is used by MIL & FIL and Second Floor is me and DH with Aadi shifting between the 3 floors throughout the day...

Aadi had sports' competitions in School today so had to go early... 7.15 and we were waiting at the door for the rickshaw to pick him up...

And about his competition... well, I'll need another post to tell you what happened...

But thats my short and sweet - Favorite Thing this Friday... Whats yours?? Hop over to Quilting in my Pyjamas and share...



  1. Shruti...where you live is exotic compared to my life in the States. It's beautiful! I can see why winter would be a favorite. Is it customary to share your home with your in-laws and business? Just curious. :o) Happy Friday, sweet bloggy friend! and Happy FTF!

  2. In Canada, it's WINTER with the capitals. Too much snow, too much cold.
    I prefer summers.
    Aren't you lucky to have generations of people living so close? Like we used to do in Canada.

  3. That's about what our fall mornings look like here and I agree with you, it's just a pretty sight and a comfortably cool tempurature. Love enjoying those mornings cuddled in a quilt out on the porch having morning coffee or tea.

  4. I think I'd like your winter a whole lot more than I like ours! Looks very dreamy in the misty morning.

  5. Your winter must be similar to ours, although it is usually misty here in spring or in autumn. I love mild winters, just cold enough that you need warmer clothes and can snuggle under quilts.

  6. Lovely pictures! I can see why this is one of your favorite things. :-)

  7. That mist looks amazing. I got really excited to see your house. I love to know where /how people live.

    I suspect your winter is probably very similar to our winter. Not massively cold - a bit bitey - but you dont need a down jacket to stave off the possibility of freezing.

    Aadi looks so cute waiting for the Rickshaw.

  8. I can see why winter is your favorite. I would love it too. Winter is too cold where I live. Your little boy is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

    xo -El

  9. shruti! how wonderful of a find you've found! i love your site. and your creativity :) thanks for participating :)

  10. I am loving your pillow slips and the little tiny baby shoes.


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