Friday, December 17, 2010

Favorite Things Friday!!!

Here's the last Favorite Things Friday for 2010. And for this special one, I have chosen one of the three favorite men in my life... My little brother - Chaitanya!!!

Not because he gave me my own domain name, not because he gave me a $ 200 shopping spree... but because he's been such a dear right since our childhood...

He's five years younger to me... We stayed in a joint family - My dad and his brother stay together - even today... So Chai, me and my uncle's sons - Ashwin and Ashutosh (I never call them cousins, they are indeed my brothers as much as Chai is) grew up together in our house in Satara. We had an adventurous childhood...

Thats us at the opening of my Dad's factory... And this is our house...

Which now looks like this

He was just 6 years old when my mom, dad and he met with an accident... It was a terrible one... And for the next couple of years dad was hopping in and out of hospitals, being operated on... and was finally able to stand on his feet (both his legs had multiple fractures) about 3 years later!!! This was the period that I and Chai came real close... Mom had to stay in Pune with dad and both of us stayed with our uncle and aunt in Satara...

He was always a naughty child... you coud see it in his eyes... He never waited to break open any toy you gave him to watch how it works... He was obsessed with everything that moved on its own that was not living!!! LOL...

He was in 8th grade, when we got him (he pestered us till we got him) a small deisel engine... I remember him running it and our neighbor running out of her home to get him to stop him... Her 3 month old baby was a light sleeper and everytime he would lie for a nap, Chai's engine would roar and wake the kid up!!! LOL!!!

He was a great actor... a quality that came handy when he had been real naughty... He worked in the school play every year and was a real hit!!!

After my marriage, he was the one I missed the most... I missed those long talks we had in the room that we shared... The secrets that we shared... It was a lovely realtionship - it still is...

Over these years, my kid brother has matured into a wonderful man... He is loving, caring, intelligent, sensitive, sensible, hard working, innovative, joyful (thats what his name suggests), motivating, and yes, he is still SINGLE!!! I'd love to see him settled down with some fine young lady who compliments him in every sense...

And today is a big day for him!!! He designs softwares for Apple - ipads, iphones and mac pcs and macbooks... He is releasing his forst application today... Verbs... Here's the link to it... If you are an iphone user - please check it out... It is a simple instant messaging client that supports GTalk and integrates Cloudapp to send photos and download/view files in the received Cloudapp messages...

Dont forget to do a review...  Right now it has a 4+ rating by apple... And its only for $2.99!!!

Thats, Chaitanya, my little bro' - now all grown up - I'm so proud of you bro'... My favorite thing this friday... Whats yours? Jump over to Quilting in my Pyjamas and share, I'm dying to know...




  1. What a good choice for ftf. It must be so nice to have such a close relationship with your brother.

  2. What a great post! Thanks for sharing FTF this year. Looking forward to reaading more in 2011!

  3. A lovely tribute...he will be pleased!

  4. So sweet. Loved reading your story. Your brother sounds like a wonderful person.

  5. A lovely final FTF for 2010. It's so nice to hear you have a great relationship with your brother and extended family.

  6. I loved hearing all about your brother . I dont have one and I always wanted an older brother .(Dont tell my sister she'll be really upset )

    You're lucky you're so close. Hopefully if he ever marries he will pick someone you love too!

  7. What a beautiful tribute to your brother! Family is such a blessing, and it sounds like you are truly blessed.

  8. This is a beautiful post and if I weren't already married, I might seriously consider a visit to meet him!

    I'm glad you have such a great relationship with your family, and especially your brother. It's not always easy with a 5 year age difference.


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