Monday, December 27, 2010

My 3 x 6 Sampler Bee Blocks

I'm awfully late, I know... But I finally got to complete the 3x6 blocks!!!
Here they are...

1. For Jo
Block for Jo

2. For Sarah

Block for Sarah

3. For Jessica

Block for Jessica

4. For Jennifer

Block for Jennifer

5. For Tami

Block for Tami

6. For Andrea

Block for Andrea

And since I have been naughty, there's going to be a small surprise in their packets to help them forget how late I was... ;)

I know it will work... LOL...

Am working on something awesome right now...

Remember my Diner Linen??? I finally found the courage to cut it up!!! Pics will be here tomorrow... I have finished it and now only have to hand sew the binding...

Also, tomorrow I'll be going to the orphanage to give them the quilts that all of us have made so lovingly for them... I am really excited about it... We postponed the event by a few days as they could not do it on the 25th... It was a Saturday and they avoid any kind of functions on that day...

More on my visit, tomorrow!!!



  1. They're all beautiful Shruti. Im sure the recipients will be thrilled!

  2. They look fabulous!!!!!!!!


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