Friday, January 7, 2011

Favorite things Friday!!!

Hi all, Welcome to the first Favorite Things Friday of the new year!!! I'm so glad to be linking up with all the fabulous girls out there...

So what is my Favorite Thing this Friday???

Do you guys remember the cutting mat that I ordered from Keepsake Quilting??? 

Well, I emailed Sullivan's to ask them about removing the bumps on my mat... 

And a few days back I got a mail from the generous Maggie at KQ telling me that they regret rolling that mat while shipping and they should have shipped it flat... They also informed me that they are sending me another mat same size FREE OF COST and I need not send them the old mat!!!

So they just have to be my favorite thing this Friday!!! It is really generous of them to send the mat all the way to INDIA!!! I now that shipping that item is going to cost them a lot, and by a lot I mean around 50 - 60 USD!!! 

Thank you guys at KQ!!! I love you all...

That was my Favorite Thing this Friday, whats yours??? Link up the fun party at Quilting in my Pyjamas!!!



  1. Excellent customer service is a great favorite, Shruti! Have fun cutting all your gorgeous fabrics on that mat. Happy FTF! :o)

  2. don't you love great service? it is pretty hard to find these days! I'm sure you'll be a return customer for life :)

    Happy Friday!

  3. Hooray for Keepsake Quilting! My experiences with them have always been positive so I totally appreciate them being a favorite!

  4. Unbelievable! We are very far apart but we have many things in common. I bought a hoop for quilters and embroidery on KQ. A Christmas present. I am also revamping my sewing room and I think for February will post on the blog. I'm just not going to weddings. The marriages here are not as beautiful as in India. I follow your blog and I'm excite with yours production.
    A big hug from southern Brazil,

  5. Yes a great company for sure!
    Have you got a board that you could glue it to?
    You would then have two.
    Birthday coming up soon right?

  6. I love hearing when someone goes the extra mile (or a few thousand) for great customer service. Looks like a great mat too!

  7. Take the bumpy mat and cut it into smaller mats around the bumps and you will use it for squaring up blocks and small cuts. Also when they have unhealed cuts flip them over and use the other side. Get twice the mileage out of one mat. chris

  8. It's great to hear of a company that has great customer service and is willing to do that little bit extra. I will have to check them out as I haven't bought anything from them yet.

  9. Well that sure was nice of them...but I also like Keepsake Quilting, they send fast and are always there for you if you have any questions.

  10. Great Customer Relations and very good publicity too!

  11. Wow ! That's so good of them. I bet you're pleased. They'd be my favourite thing too if they offered me such great and responsive customer service.

    I really need a new cutting mat so badly. Maybe I'll pop down to the shops and get one today....

    Ive been meaning to say I love the new look on your blog too !

    Happy FTF.

  12. Wow! Great customer service!

  13. Wow, impressed, very good customer service. They obviously value their customers. Plus, lucky you!!


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